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apply & enroll

Pay Your Bill

pay your bill

Transfer Credit

transfer credit

You could graduate from high school with:

  • The potential for over a semester’s worth of college credits (depending on the size of a high school’s program).
  • An official UConn transcript verifying highly transferable college credits.
  • An understanding of the academic requirements and a belief in your ability to succeed in college courses.
  • A competitive advantage when applying to college.
  • Significant financial savings in paying for college.
  • A head-start in a chosen field of study.
  • The potential to study abroad, volunteer and intern while in college and still graduate in four years.

You have made a commitment to challenge yourself. Most important, you have made the pursuit of higher education a priority.

Program Benefits

Being a part of UConn Early College Experience (ECE) is being a part of the University of Connecticut. By taking UConn ECE courses, you have officially started your college career and have gained time and flexibility to explore a variety of options in the upcoming years. UConn ECE students are registered as non-degree students at the university. They receive full access to the UConn library system and many technological services. You benefit by taking college courses in a familiar setting with an instructor you know. You also earn college credit for a fraction of the cost it would be had you taken the course on a UConn campus.



 College Pre-Advising 

UConn ECE has developed two critical tools to help high schools students make the most of their UConn Credits: The Advising Portal allows students to explore the majors their courses can lead to and The Credit Transfer Database lets students investigate if their UConn credits will transfer to their university of choice. Have fun exploring your early college career today.