Site Reps

Role of the Site Representative

To serve as the primary contact for program information at a partner high school.

The UConn ECE program office strives to maintain good communication with each site representative through telephone, email distribution, newsletters, site visits, and mailings. All site representatives are automatically added to the site representative listserv, an email distribution list maintained by the University. A principal may divide the roles and responsibilities of a site representative among more than one staff member as long as the responsibilities are covered. Site representatives are committed:

  • To review and understand all policies found in the Policy & Procedures Guide.
  • To provide all interested students, instructors, and parents with reliable program information at the high school.
  • To manage the student registration process and be familiar with University billing and course evaluation procedures.
  • To attend the annual Site Representative Conference, held at the UConn Storrs campus, typically scheduled at the end of February. Program materials, information, and registration forms for students are available at this time. Attendance is required.
  • To assist with the class roster verification process. All site representatives are entered into the University system and are given a NetID and password to access student class and grade rosters at his/her high school.

Administrators and Principals are asked to include an official description of the UConn ECE program in your course catalogs or promotional materials and use the official UConn course descriptions in your school's course catalog. The course number should at least be embedded in the course description, if not in the course title.

Registration Help

Contact us for help

Phone: 860.486.1045

ITS (formally UITS)
(NetID problems)
Online Registration Helpline
Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm

Program Costs

Courses cost $50 per credit hour (effective for courses starting in the Fall 2019 semester).

  • 1 credit course $50
  • 2 credit course $100
  • 3 credit course - $150
  • 4 credit course - $200

Fees may be waived for students eligible for the federal Free/Reduced Lunch program. Students who missed the application deadline of June 7th will need to submit an application between August 15th and September 16th with an additional $25 administrative fee for the late application. This fee is in addition to any original program fees.

A WAU form must be completed for courses dropped after September 28, 2018. Students are financially responsible for all courses dropped after September 28, 2018.

Registration Deadlines

Opens: April 30, 2019
Application Deadline: June 7, 2019

Opens: August 15, 2019
Late* Application Deadline: September 16, 2019
Enrollment Deadline: September 30, 2019

*A $25 administrative fee will be charged for all late applications

Steps for Successful Registration

  • Provide ECE Office with up to date course offerings with certified instructors listed.
  • Attend Site Representative Conference in February.
  • Use your existing process to determine student’s eligibility to enroll in course(s).
  • Use your existing process to distribute UConn ECE information and Registration Guides.
  • Determine if you would like to have students apply and enroll online, at home, or at school.
  • Meet with your students to select ECE courses.
  • Emphasize with students both the application deadline of June 1st, and the course enrollment deadline of June 29th.
  • Remind students to monitor their e-mail for their:
    • NetID activation information, or existing NetID reminder
    • Link to enroll in courses. Instruct them to save all e-mail correspondence for their records.
  • Assist students with paper consent forms.
    • Sign form as approval.
    • Make copy for student file and school records.
    • Confirm Free or Reduced Lunch status.
    • Assist with upload of document if needed, or refer to UConn Early College Experience Helpline at 1-855-382-UECE (8323).
  • Monitor enrollments by accessing the UConn ECE Site Representative Status Reports, or by viewing your class rosters in Student Administration.
  • Assist the UConn Early College Experience office if they are unable to reach students who have applied, but have not enrolled in courses.
  • Keep the UConn Early College Experience office informed of any new course offerings or instructor changes.
  • Communicate add/drop dates and procedures with students and instructors. The late application deadline is September 14th. The deadline for all students to add or drop courses with a $25 add/drop processing fee is September 28th. Students must add or drop courses online by September 28th. After September 28th, a WAU form must be used to withdraw from a course.
  • Assist instructors with roster verification. Final signed class rosters are due October 5th. To print a roster, you must use the University's Student Administration System and follow the printing roster instructions.