UConn ECE Alumni

Alumni weekend on Oct. 11, 2015. (Roger Castonguay/UConn Photo)

We would like to stay in touch with our alumni and provide opportunities for networking, job placement and fun events around the state.  Our alumni have gone on to illustrious careers as doctors, lawyers, business owners and even educators here at UConn.  We are looking for all ECE alumni to develop this network and we need your help!

If you have taken or are currently taking UConn ECE (formerly High School Co-op) courses, please provide us your current e-mail address.  When you provide your e-mail address we will reward you with discount codes for sporting events, networking opportunities such as UConn ECE LinkedIn, and invitations to networking events around the state.  We would also love to share your success stories, so please tell us about yourself.

We know that UConn Early College Experience alumni are doing great things.  We’d like to hear about it, so please stay in touch!

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