Research on concurrent enrollment trends and program statistics is an integral part of UConn Early College Experience’s development. UConn ECE uses its assessment to make appropriate decisions for its students, faculty and high school partners. Program research results are often updated and results of new research initiatives are regularly being made public. Please contact Executive Director, Brian Boecherer, if you are seeking specific research information.

2017-2018 Numbers

  • 67 courses in 31 departments
  • Registered non-duplicate 12,682 students
  • 1,255 course sections = 71,884 credits
  • 1,307 Certified UConn ECE Instructors
  • 205 High School Partners
  • 2018-2019 Partner List

2018 Program Data Sheet

2016-2017 Student Numbers



Credit Transfer Database

The UConn Early College Experience Credit Transfer Database is designed to be a resource to identify potential credit transfer. It is in no way an official determination nor a guarantee of successful credit transfer. All students wishing to transfer credit must have an official credit transfer evaluation performed by the receiving post-secondary institution. All information contained within this database reflects policy interpretations made in 2013 and is subject to change at any time and without notice. To be absolutely sure about the credit transfer policy of your receiving institution, contact that college or university directly.

More information about the Credit Transfer Database...


Student Achievement


Since about 29% of UConn ECE students continue on to the University of Connecticut, the Research & Development team is able to track their progress. UConn ECE students are more likely to graduate on time and higher first and second semester GPA's than those students who did not participate in the program.