Italian Multimedia Contest

Deadline: February 23, 2024 | Winners announced: March 2024

For questions, contact ECE Italian Faculty Coordinator, Tina Chiappetta-Miller:

Please make sure to read the Rules and Additional Information at the bottom of this page.

Rules and Additional Information

“La mente è una sola. La sua creatività va coltivata in tutte le direzioni.”

- Gianni Rodari

IL LINGUAGGIO…dell’amicizia| THE LANGUAGE…of friendship

A multimedia contest for students of ECE Italian

Creativity comes in many forms. This multimedia contest sponsored by UConn ECE Italian hopes to inspire your students to explore their creativity through their study of Italian. Students will compose a multi-media project that speaks “Il linguaggio dell’amicizia” in words, images, and sounds.

Any currently registered ECE Italian student in participating High Schools may submit one project consisting of two parts.

The project must consist of a combination of 2 different media components and resonate with the contest’s topic, which for 2024 is “Il linguaggio dell’amicizia.” These components will include two from among the following 3 categories:

  1. Written Component: An original story, poem, essay, or other prose piece in Italian. Maximum length for poems is 15 lines, for prose 1,000 words.
  2. Visual Component: An original photograph or series of photographs (maximum 5), collage, digital collage or work of design, or video clip reel (images only, music optional, maximum 2 minutes). Visual pieces may contain images sampled from works by other artists, but sampled material must be cited separately (see below).
  3. Audio component: An audio soundscape, dramatic reading, dialogue or multi-voice composition, piece of original music with (or without) singing, or a video (including spoken word and images) in Italian. Audio pieces may contain material sampled from works by other artists, but sampled material must be cited separately (see below). Minimum 3 minutes, maximum 8 minutes.

The 2 pieces must each relate to the main topic, “Il linguaggio dell’amicizia.” They can be closely related to one another or stand-alone pieces. However, the written component should not be a direct transcript of the audio component, for example. Any written or spoken elements must be in Italian. Images and audio should harmonize with any other components within the same piece. It is suggested that the pieces relate to some aspect of Italian culture or art but need not be direct representations of Italy or Italian artworks; they may instead reflect the students’ frame of reference. Finally, although video is included in both categories of Visual and Audio components, students should avoid the redundancy of submitting 2 video pieces.

  • Each component must have a title in Italian (that is something other than the contest’s main topic).
  • If the visual component is a physical piece of artwork that is photographed it should include a description of the artwork’s dimensions and specific materials used. You may submit a maximum of 5 photographs of the piece (from different angles if needed).
  • The submission of each component must be accompanied by citations for any material that is sampled, borrowed, or directly quoted (in the order that they appear in the piece).
  • The visual component may or may not contain some words in Italian and/or may be accompanied by a brief descriptive caption if needed/desired in Italian.

Projects will be evaluated by a group of 10th grade students of the Istituto Tecnico Agrario, Firenze ( ), with the support of their teacher of Italian Literature and History, Federica Anichini. The peer judges will consider the quality, expressiveness, and creativity of individual components as well as the project’s overall cohesion.

Prizes awarded will be for 1st place a $300 Amazon gift card, for 2nd a $200 Amazon gift card, and for 3rd place a $100 Amazon gift card.

The deadline to submit your school’s entry is February 12, 2024.

Winners will be announced March 2024.

If you have any questions, contact ECE Italian Faculty Coordinator, Tina Chiappetta-Miller:


Please use this file naming convention: Last Name.First Initial.School Abbreviation.Component Number.File Type (multiple files in the same category can be designated with letters).  For example, if Mario Rossi from Italian High School wants to submit two video components and an audio file, his files would be named:

  • Rossi.M.IHS.Comp 2a.jpg
  • Rossi.M.IHS.Comp 2a.jpg
  • Rossi.M.IHS.Comp 3a.mp3