Staff Directory

UConn ECE Interim Director

Brian A. Boecherer

Executive Director - Office of Early College Programs

Director of Research and Development

Phone: 860.486.8828

Brian Boecherer is the Executive Director of the Office of Early College Programs and Director of Research and Development for UConn Early College Experience. Brian is responsible for program expansion and improvement, technology advancement, and providing on-site outreach to high schools. Brian received his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Connecticut and his Master's Degree from the University of Toronto where he specialized in policy analysis and nationalism from the Centre for Russian and East European Studies. In 2017, Brian received his doctoral degree from UConn in the Department of Political Science.

UConn ECE Assistant Director - Nella Quasnitschka

Nella Quasnitschka

Associate Director - Academic Outreach

Director of Pre-College Summer 


Nella Quasnitschka is the Assistant Director of Academic Outreach for Early College Experience in the Office of Early College Program.  Nella is responsible for developing and strengthening academic relationships with partner high schools and managing UConn's Pre-College Summer Program.  Nella received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Connecticut and her Master’s in Education Administration from Illinois State University. 

UConn ECE Business Manager - Erin Blanchette

Erin Blanchette 

Administrative Coordinator - Billing & Financials

Phone: 860.486.1201

Erin Blanchette is the Administrative Coordinator for the Office of Early College Programs and is responsible for the administrative and fiscal management of the program as well as the student billing process. Erin also provides administrative support to the UConn ECE Director. Erin brings valuable administrative experience and has an Accounting degree from Three Rivers Community College. Erin is currently working towards her Bachelor's Degree in Organizational & Management Studies at the University of Connecticut.

UConn ECE Program Coordinator - Stefanie Malinoski

Stefanie Malinoski 

Program Specialist - Certification & Workshops

Phone: 860.486.8033

Stefanie Malinoski is the Program Specialist for the Office of Early College Programs where she is responsible for maintaining program records and ECE professional development workshops. Stefanie also manages the instructor certification process. Stefanie attended the University of Connecticut where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Communications and a Master's degree from the University's Neag School of Education specializing in Higher Education and Student Affairs.

UConn ECE Program Assistant - Jessica Dunn

Jessica Dunn

Program Assistant - Registration Specialist

Phone: 860.486.4650

Jessica Dunn is the Program Assistant in the Office of Early College Programs (OECP) and the Registration Coordinator of UConn Early College Experience (ECE). Jessica is responsible for managing the student registration process, and providing program and administrative support to ECE students and faculty. Jessica attended the University of Connecticut where she earned a Bachelor¹s degree in Sociology and Human Development and Family Studies.

UConn ECE Program Assistant - Melanie Ochoa

Melanie Ochoa

Program Assistant - Academic Standards

Associate Director, Pre-College Summer

Phone: 860.486.3419

Melanie Ochoa is the Program Assistant for Academic Standards at the Office of Early College Programs. Melanie is responsible for supporting accreditation standards by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships to improve course comparability of the UConn courses offered at the high schools. In addition, Melanie oversees the collection and maintenance of syllabi records while fostering and helping develop the collegial relationship between secondary and postsecondary faculty that is key to successful concurrent enrollment. Melanie attended the University of Connecticut where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

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