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High school UConn ECE course offerings can be analyzed by both the number of UConn credits offered and the diversity of courses offered. Like most universities, UConn has General Education requirements, which assure a well-rounded academic experience. There are also important prerequisites and gateway courses which are the first steps to entering a major.  By using the General Education Rubric, high schools can determine the diversity of courses offered at their high school.  Students can see which areas they will potentially complete before college.  Using this rubric allows everyone to view their next steps in a structured way. From a high school perspective, if you are looking to grow your program this rubric can indicate potential new areas of development to suit the needs of different students. From a student perspective, this will help them schedule their high school senior year and/or look at their college freshman orientation with an eye to next steps.

Schools that offer over 24 credits of UConn courses allow students to potentially graduate from high school with over two semesters’ worth of credits.

Schools that offer between 12 and 23 credits of UConn courses allow students to potentially graduate from high school with over one semester’s worth of credits.

Schools that offer between 3 and 11 credits of UConn courses allow students to potentially graduate from high school with under one semester’s worth of credits.

All UConn ECE opportunities make an important impact on a student’s: 1) success in college; 2) increased competitiveness during the college application process; and 3) academic future in terms of financial benefit and freedom to schedule and select classes once in college.

Check your course potential: General Education and UConn ECE Worksheet

UConn General Education Rubric of UConn ECE Offerings

Content Area 1 Content Area 2 Content Area 3 Content Area 3-LAB Content Area 4 Content Area 4-INT
Arts and Humanities Social Sciences Science and Technology Science and Technology Diversity and Multiculturalism Diversity and Multiculturalism
CAMS1103 ECON1000 MARN1002 BIOL1107 AMST1201 LAMS1190
FREN3268 ECON1201 NRE1000 BIOL1108 HRTS1007
HIST1300 ECON1202 SOIL2120 CHEM1127Q MUSI1004
HIST1400 HDFS1070 CHEM1128Q POLS1202
HIST1501 HRTS1007 MARN1003 POLS1402
HIST1502 POLS1202 PHYS1201Q
MAST1200 POLS1402 PHYS1202Q
MUSI1001 POLS1602 PHYS1401Q
MUSI1004 PHYS1402Q

At UConn there are four General Education content areas, which are completed when a student passes two classes per area, not from the same department.

Other General Education Requirements

Freshman English
One Freshmen English course is required at UConn for all students: ENGL1010 or ENGL1011

Quantitative and Writing Courses
Students are required to take two quantitative (Q) courses in order to graduate (one of which has to be a Math or Stats Q-course) and 2 writing (W) courses in order to graduate (currently there are no W courses offered through UConn ECE).

UConn ECE Quantitative Courses: CHEM1127Q, CHEM1128Q, MATH 1030Q. MATH 1131Q, MATH 1132Q, PHYS1201Q, PHYS1202Q, PHYS1401Q, PHYS1402Q, STAT 1100Q

Other Gateway Courses
While these courses do not fulfill any General Education requirements, they are important gateway courses which are either required or support the completion of a major.

Art – ART 1030
Civil Engineering – CE2110
Classics – CAMS3201 & CAMS 3102
Environmental Engineering – CE2110
Digital Media – DMD1000
Italian – ILCS 3239 & ILCS 3240
Mechanical Engineering – CE2110

Credits not used to fulfill general education requirements or a gateway course are used as electives, which count towards graduation.

Pre-Advising Portal

Welcome to the UConn Early College Experience Advising Portal. This portal is designed to support the great UConn ECE Community (high schools and parents) and specifically the students who are taking a UConn course through UConn ECE. The Advising portal is a handy way of getting the most out of your UConn ECE participation. Students – have you taken a class and want to know which majors build from this course? Use the Course advising tab to explore those options. Are you interested in a specific major and want to know which UConn courses offered through UConn ECE will support your entry into that major? Use the advising Major tab and explore those options.

High school administrators and instructors, this is a good tool for you too in deciding how to develop your unique UConn ECE program. Have fun exploring your early college advising!

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