Payment Due Dates & Information

Course Invoices Bills Issued Payment Due
Fall & Full-year August - September November 7
Spring November 4 January 8

By registering for a UConn course through UConn ECE, students have a financial obligation to the University of Connecticut. Students are financially responsible for all courses for which they enroll.

Students and Authorized Users are notified by e-mail when their e-bill is ready to be viewed. Payment can be made online, by mail, or in person. Failure to receive an e-mail bill notification does not absolve Students of the responsibility of payment by the due date.

Students have 24/7 access to view any term fee bill by accessing their Student account in the Student Administration System.

University standard policies on late fees, returned checks, and collections will apply.

Late Fee Policy & Appeal

A $50 late fee will be charged for each semester that a bill is not paid in full by the posted fee bill due date. Checks returned by the bank for any reason are considered a late payment. Additionally, students will have services denied, such as course registration, if all fees have not been paid by the due date. To appeal a late fee, students must submit a Late Fee Appeal Form online. Only one late fee can be appealed per student during their tenure in the UConn ECE Program.

Student Fee Waiver

Eligibility for the Free/reduced lunch program is to be indicated by the student and confirmed by the site representative during the registration process. Parents of students at participating CEP schools will receive additional questions during registration to determine the student’s waiver eligibility.

Students attending a UConn ECE private school (any non-public school) who receive a need-based reduction of tuition (a need-based scholarship) from their high school will receive a UConn ECE fee waiver for all courses. Site Representatives are expected to indicate student eligibility in the Dual Enroll registration system with instruction from the UConn ECE Program Office and send one letter, on school letterhead, signed by the site representative or principal indicating, “The following students received a need-based reduction of tuition (a need-based scholarship) from [high school name] for the [current academic year] and were marked in the UConn ECE Dual Enroll registration system as qualifying for a fee waiver.”  Please list all student names in the letter, indicate the signatory, and include a signature. The signed letter should be sent to by October 8, 2021.

Returned Check Policy & Appeal

A $25 returned check fee will be charged for returned checks.

To appeal a returned check fee, students must submit a Returned Check Appeal Form online.

Collections Policy

All UConn ECE Students no longer enrolled in UConn ECE courses who have outstanding charges on their accounts will be referred to the University Collections Office.

Refund Policy

Refunds of previously paid fees (minus the $25 administrative fee, if applicable) will be issued to students who paid for and then dropped a course online by September 30. Students are responsible for all program fees for courses dropped after September 30.

Refund checks will be issued by the University periodically, or a student can request a refund directly in the Student Administration System by following the refund request instructions. Refund checks are made payable to the student.

In the event a student is issued a refund in error, the University reserves the right to reclaim such funds.

Hold Policy

Failure to pay program fees will result in a “Bursar hold” on a student’s UConn record. This hold prevents students from accessing services such as course registration, library services, transcripts and other important services. All students are billed by e-mail notification. Failure to receive an e-mail bill notification does not absolve the student of the responsibility of payment by the due date. Students have 24/7 access to view any term fee bill through accessing their student account in the Student Administration System.

FERPA Policy

Due to FERPA regulations, the UConn ECE Program Office can only discuss fee bills with students or FERPA Designees. Students may also assign parents/guardians as Authorized Users, and/or grant them Delegate Access.

Tax Form 1098-T

Form 1098-T is a statement that provides the total dollar amount billed to a student account for what is referred to as qualified tuition and related expenses in a single tax year. This information is helpful in determining whether a student or parent/guardian is eligible for tax benefits associated with tuition payments. A student's status as a minor or high school student does not affect Form 1098-T reporting (IRS Notice 2006-72, Q-2). Form 1098-T will be available to students electronically on or before January 31 through the Student Administration System.

Additional resources: Form 1098-T FAQs, Instructions to view and print Form 1098-T

Please note, the University is unable to provide tax advice.

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