Step 1 – Fill Out Consent Form

New and returning students must complete the 2020-2021 Consent Form.

A paper copy can be obtained at your high school or you can print one here.

  1. Work with your school counselor to choose your courses. Indicate your approved courses and Instructors on the bottom of your consent form.
  2. Fill in your full legal name (i.e. Jonathan NOT John) and high school.
  3. Obtain all required signatures, including: school counselor, parent or guardian, and your own. Students 18 or older do not need to obtain a parental/guardian signature.
  4. Create and save an electronic copy of your Consent Form by scanning or taking a digital photograph. The electronic copy of your consent form MUST show the entire form (top to bottom) or it will not be accepted.

Step 1:  Fill out Consent Form
Step 2:  Apply Online
Step 3:  Activate NetID
Step 4:  Enroll/Drop Courses
Step 5:  Pay Your Bill