Credit Transfer Database

UConn Early College Experience Credit Transfer Database

The UConn Early College Experience Credit Transfer Database is designed to be a resource to identify potential credit transfer. It is in no way an official determination nor a guarantee of successful credit transfer. All students wishing to transfer credit must have an official credit transfer evaluation performed by the receiving post-secondary institution. All information contained within this database reflects policy interpretations made in 2013 and is subject to change at any time and without notice. To be absolutely sure about the credit transfer policy of your receiving institution, contact that college or university directly.

This database was created as a part of the 2013 Concurrent Enrollment Credit Transfer Study conducted by Brian Boecherer and Magdalena Narozniak. The Study consisted of three parts 1) a survey of registrars and admissions officers; 2) an in-depth alumni survey; and 3) data-mining of approximately 900 North American post-secondary institutions policies on credit transfer. From the results of the study and based on results from previous alumni surveys, the researchers can say with confidence that UConn Early College Experience credit transfer about 87% of the time. UConn Early College Experience credit normally transfers along the lines of regular transfer credit, that is, it transfers as if you took the course a UConn campus. There are, however, those institutions that have decided not to accept any transfer credit, will not accept credit that was not taught by college faculty or on a college campus or do not accept any pre-matriculation credit including credit-by-examination, like Advanced Placement or College Level Examination Program.

The Credit Transfer Database houses hundreds of colleges and universities and is designed to be used as a guide to potential credit award. Each institution has its own policy for transferring concurrent enrollment credit. Procedures, requirements, and deadlines vary greatly from institution to institution. Policies may even differ between disciplines at the same college. Your UConn credit will be reviewed by your institution after you have applied and/or have been matriculated. You will be required to submit an official UConn transcript and perhaps meet with an advisor or show your course syllabus to your new college. You can request a UConn transcript here. You may use this database to get an idea of how your UConn credit could be applied to your new degree. The likelihood of transfer to a particular institution is ranked 0-3 stars, with 0 being unlikely and 3 being most likely.

Likelihood of Transfer Notes
3 Star Very high Answered affirmatively in survey; strong policy support for successful transfer.
2 Star Medium Student may have to advocate for transfer, i.e. submit syllabus for evaluation.
1 Star Low Inconclusive from data mining but possible.
0 Star Unlikely Explicitly does not accept CE credit.