Environmental Science

NRE 1000: Environmental Science

Course Description:
Three credits. An introduction to basic concepts and areas of environmental concern and how these problems can be effectively addressed. Topics include human population; ecological principles; conservation of biological resources; biodiversity; croplands, rangelands, forestlands; soil and water conservation; pollution and water management; and wildlife and fisheries conservation.

Semester offered: Full-Year Only 

Student Eligibility Guidelines for NRE 1000:

Successful completion of two years of high school science is recommended.

Instructor Certification Requirements: 

Instructors interested in applying should possess a Master's Degree in one of the environmental science fields (e.g. environmental biology, natural resources, chemistry, earth science, geography, economics) or an equivalent level of experience in education and study in environmental science. In addition, all applicants must have at least three years of teaching experience teaching an Environmental Science or similar course before applying.

Instructor Resources: 

NRE 1000 Syllabus