FERPA changes mean easier access for parents

We are very excited to announce that UConn and Early College Experience (ECE) have worked within the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines to grant more accessible and easier access to your student’s account. By becoming a delegate and authorized user on your student’s account you will have the ability to create your own logins to view their course history, transcripts, term fee bill and make a payment on their account. Delegated Access and Authorized User are meant to allow you to assist your student in monitoring their academic records with UConn and ECE. They allow you as the parent to have your own login to access their records without having to call on your student’s behalf or use their personal login information. We hope that these tools allow you to help monitor your student’s account as they transition into their post high school careers.

How to: https://ece.uconn.edu/students/parents-corner/

Detailed information and access can be found here: https://ferpa.uconn.edu