Special Re-Accreditation Announcement

NACEP LogoAll of us in the Office of Early College Programs and the UConn Early College Experience are pleased to announce the recent notification that our program has been re-accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships. This is an important milestone in the success of our program and shows our commitment to providing the highest level of quality college instruction to students, and the same high level of professional development to our certified instructors.

“We are pleased to renew our accreditation with NACEP. Going through the peer-reviewed self-study again after seven years was an important process that has helped us energize and appropriately focus our program improvement initiatives,” remarked Gillian B. Thorne, Executive Director of the Office of Early College Programs. Achieving re-accreditation by NACEP is proof that we have continuously met the rigorous standards of a nationally-recognized third party. UConn Early College Experience, founded in 1955, was first accredited by NACEP in 2007.

Founded in 1999, NACEP works to ensure that college courses offered by high schools are as rigorous as courses offered on the sponsoring college campus. Our participation in NACEP gives our program:

A connection in Washington, DC
NACEP monitors important public policy areas, tracking current and proposed legislation, and participates in the congressional debate surrounding dual and concurrent enrollment
Nationwide publicity
NACEP’s public relations outreach includes local and national media campaigns ensuring concurrent enrollment is a strongly growing phenomenon
Access to research
Programs all over the nation report that participating in college courses while still in high school contributes to post-secondary student success

We are very proud of our accomplishments as a program, and we hope you can see the benefits of our hard work to become re-accredited. We would like to thank our faculty coordinators, instructors and affiliates for their tremendous help during this process. If you have any questions about our status or the accreditation process, please let us know by contacting us atece@uconn.edu. We are happy to share the value of accreditation with you.

For more information on this announcement, visit:http://www.nacep.org/release_2014_newly_accredited_programs/

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