New Course Offerings for UConn ECE 2014-2015

uconn logoUConn ECE is excited to launch nine new courses for the 2014-2015 academic year including a brand new partnership with the UConn Department of Animal Science. These new courses will allow high schools to diversify their offerings to students and to deepen their knowledge in several fields. Course descriptions may be found below. If you are an instructor interested in becoming certified to teach any UConn ECE course, please review the certification requirements.

Animal Science

Course Offerings: (Limited Pilot to Agri. Science High Schools only)

ANSC 1602 Behavior and Training of Domestic Animals (3 Credits)

Application of behavior of cattle, horses, sheep, goats, swine and poultry to their management, training and welfare. Basic principles of genetics and physiology of behavior, perception, training, learning, motivation, and stress with consideration of integrated behavioral management and animal welfare.

ANSC 1645 The Science of Food (3 Credits)

An introductory level course for students interested in the application of science to food. Nutritional and functional attributes of various food constituents are discussed. Issues concerning food processing and food safety are covered.

ANSC 1676 Introduction to Companion Animals (3 Credits)

Basic concepts of the nutrition, physiology, health and management of companion animals.

ANSC 2251 Horse Science (3 Credits)

Valuable to animal science majors. Includes horse types and breeds and their nutrition, breeding, evaluation, behavior, care and management with attention given to detailed studies of the problems and practices of horse production and use.


Course Offering:

ECON 1000 Essentials of Economics

A general introduction to micro- and macroeconomics. Economic concepts to be taught include opportunity costs, demand and supply, incentives, comparative advantage, inflation and employment policies, balance of international payments, and economic growth.


Course Offering: (Limited Pilot)

CE 2110 Applied Mechanics I (3 credits)

Fundamentals of statics using vector methods. Resolution and composition of forces; equilibrium of force systems; analysis of forces acting on structures and machines; centroids; moment of inertia.

Plant Science/Horticulture/Soil Science

Course Offerings:

PLSC 1150 Agricultural Technology and Society (3 credits)

Development of agricultural systems and technologies and their influence on societies. Topics include plant and animal domestication, food and industrial crops and centers of production, environmental issues, and agricultural ethics.

SOIL 2120 Environmental Soil Science (3 credits)

Introduction to the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils. The relationship between soils and the growth of higher plants. Impact of soils on environmental quality.


Course Offering:

PHYS 1402Q General Physics with Calculus II (3 credits)

Quantitative study of the basic facts and principles of physics. The laboratory offers fundamental training in physical measurements. Recommended for students planning to apply for admission to medical, dental or veterinary schools and also recommended for science majors for whom a one year introductory physics course is adequate.

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