Student Resources

Having access to a Research One University provides UConn ECE students with many academic benefits. One benefit that cannot be overlooked is preparation. UConn ECE students are comfortable with a college syllabus, have an understanding of the workload involved in a college course and are generally better prepared for college. Students have lending privileges at all University of Connecticut libraries, access to thousands of online academic journals, and admission to virtual classrooms that are exclusively for University of Connecticut. They also have access to a suite of technology resources discussed here.

 Complete this tech checklist after you have applied to the program successfully: 

  1. NetID: Activate your NetID, your unique Network Identifier enabling access to computing and administrative services.
  2. Email (optional): Access your UConn e-mail account powered by Google Apps for Education. You also have access to other Google services such as Calendar, Drive, Hangout, and more using your new UConn email address. Official UConn communications to UConn ECE students are made through the student's private email address thus use of a UConn email address is not required.
  3. Student Administration System: Log in to complete the FERPA Privacy Waiver, Authorize other users, and check that your contact info is correct. At the beginning of each new semester, you will be asked to look over your FERPA choice, your contact information and your emergency contact information. 

Library Access

Students study at the Homer Babbidge Library on April 28, 2014. (FJ Gaylor/UConn Photo)The University of Connecticut Libraries contain 3.6 million volumes; 51,000 currently received print and electronic periodicals; 4.3 million units of microform; 15,000 reference sources; 232,000 maps; sound and video recordings; musical scores; and a wide variety of electronic resources. You may borrow books from any UConn library, utilize the interlibrary loan/document delivery service, or access the library's online materials by visiting the library website. If you are accessing the library website off campus, you will be prompted to enter your NetID and password. You are also able to borrow books and articles from a consortium of libraries with which UConn shares resources through ILLiad. To do this you must have your NetID active and your UConn Google Mail account set up. Inter Library Loan notifications can only be sent to your UConn Google Mail account but your UConn Google Mail account can be linked to your personal account. Instructors receive UConn ID cards, which can be used to physically check out books. Students and other members of the UConn ECE community can receive community borrowing cards at any UConn library. If you are a student and would like to receive a community borrowing card, please contact us. Visit the Early College Experience Orientation Guide for more information on to use the UConn libraries.


A NetID is a unique identifier created by the University that allows access to University computing services. Your NetID is needed to access the University of Connecticut Student Administration System, to enroll in courses, access library materials and to use HuskyCT. You will also use your NetID to set up your UConn e-mail account. Once you have successfully applied online to UConn ECE, University Information Technology Services (UITS) will send a NetID e-mail to your personal e-mail address. This e-mail will provide you with your NetID and instructions on how to activate it and how to set an initial NetID password. Your NetID is displayed as a combination of letters and numbers.

Student Administration System (SAS)

The University of Connecticut's PeopleSoft Student Administration System manages student admissions, records, registration, grades and financial information. You will also use the SAS System to pay your fee bill, view course grades, and request transcripts. To access the SAS System, visit The SAS system has a number of tutorials available to students on various features.

You will be prompted to enter your NetID and password to use SAS. If you do not remember your NetID, go to and use the "Find NetID" feature.

Software for Students

As a non-degree student UConn student you have access to free or discounted software. You must have your NetID and password activated in order to use this feature. Licenses are for individuals, so only UConn ECE students have access.

I Need Google Apps Help With…


UITS provides the University of Connecticut with the learning management system HuskyCT. It can be used to supplement face-to-face instruction or to deliver complete courses via the web through a web browser. If your instructor opts to use HuskyCT, you will use your NetID and password to login. 

Student Email & Google Apps for Education

As a non-degree student, you will be issued a UConn email address. Google mail (Gmail), the student email system, powered by Google Apps for Education and the University email address (firstname.lastname@ is the official mode of communication between the University administration and students; however, UConn Early College Experience students may continue to use their private email address instead. Whichever email address you provided in your application is the default our office will use. If you would like to change the email address you use for official communication, please contact our office. You can check your email preferences and find out exactly what your UConn email address is in SAS.

Google Apps are communication and collaboration tools offered in conjunction with Gmail. Students have access to Google Calendar, Talk, Start Page, Chat, Docs and Sites using the UConn email address. Your UConn Google Apps username is not your NetID.

If you would like to use any of the Google Apps for Education, including UConn Google Mail:

  1. View and verify your UConn email account name, access the UConn Phone Book at Enter your name and click the Search button.
  2. To set your password navigate to and click the yellow Activate/Reset Password button. Once you do that, you can use your University email account now from home and when you are at school.
  3. Visit to test your account.
  4. In addition to receiving UConn email through Google and the core services through that account, you can also opt-in to Public Services. These are an additional suite of applications that you can have access to if you agree to terms of service. Navigate to and click the green button for Opt-in to Public Services. This process will allow you to use your UConn Google account with Google+, Picasa, Google Takeout, Maps, YouTube and more!

Note: it is suggested you set up your UConn Google Mail account and have it forward automatically to your personal email address. Please visit the Google Help center for more information on how this can be done.

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