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CHEM 1127Q: General Chemistry I

Course Description: (Sample Course Syllabus)

Four credits. Recommended preparation for CHEM 1127Q; Basic Algebra with applications, or equivalent. Designed to provide a foundation for more advanced courses in chemistry. Atomic theory; laws and theories concerning the physical and chemical behavior of gases, liquids, solids, and solutions. Properties of some of the more familiar elements and their compounds. Quantitative measurements illustrating the laws of chemical combination in the first semester lab. Equilibrium in solutions and qualitative reactions of the common cations and anions in the second semester lab.

CHEM 1128Q: General Chemistry II

Course Description: (Sample Course Syllabus)

Four credits. A continuation of CHEM 1127Q.

Course Eligibility Guidelines 1127Q & 1128Q:

Successful completion of basic algebra is recommended. A student must pass CHEM 1127Q with a grade of a "C" or higher to continue on to CHEM 1128Q.

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