UConn Early College Experience

ECE Staff Members

Below is a list of the University of Connecticut staff members who are responsible for the operation and success of UConn Early College Experience.

Gillian B. Thorne - Executive Director

Director, UConn Early College Experience

Phone: 860.486.1045
Email: Gillian.Thorne@uconn.edu

Gillian B. Thorne

Jill Thorne is the Executive Director of the Office of Early College Programs (OECP) and the Director of UConn Early College Experience. Jill has championed the role of concurrent enrollment programs as part of the future of education in the United States. A participant in the Connecticut High School Advisory Committee, Jill has flagged UConn Early College Experience as a forward-looking program promoting seamless K-16 education in the state.

Dr. Thorne received her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from UConn in 1993 and has an extensive career in K-12 education, including tenures as a teacher, principal, assessor, and curriculum consultant. Jill received her Bachelor's Degree from Occidental College in California, and Master' Degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Brian A. Boecherer - Associate Director

Director of Research and Development

Phone: 860.486.8828
Email: Brian.Boecherer@uconn.edu

Brian A. Boecherer

Brian Boecherer is the Associate Director of the Office of Early College Programs and Director of Research and Development for UConn Early College Experience. Brian is responsible for program expansion and improvement, technology advancement, and providing on-site outreach to high schools. Brian received his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Connecticut and his Master's Degree from the University of Toronto where he specialized in policy analysis and nationalism from the Centre for Russian and East European Studies. He is a doctoral candidate at UConn in the Department of Political Science.

Wendi Richardson - Assistant Director

Director of Enrollment Operations

Phone: 860.486.0702
Email: Wendi.Richardson@uconn.edu

Wendi Richardson

Wendi Richardson is the Assistant Director for the Office of Early College Programs and the Director of Enrollment Operations. Wendi is responsible for managing student registration and other administrative activities such as fund raising and event coordination. Wendi has many years business management experience and has earned her Bachelorís degree as a returning adult through UConnís Bachelor of General Studies program.

Erin Blanchette - Business Manager

Phone: 860.486.1045
Email: Erin.Blanchette@uconn.edu

Erin Blanchette

Erin Blanchette is the Business Manager for the Office of Early College Programs and is responsible for the administrative and fiscal management of the program as well as the student billing process. Erin also provides administrative support to the UConn ECE Director. Erin brings valuable administrative experience and has an Accounting degree from Three Rivers Community College. Erin is currently working towards her Bachelor's Degree in Organizational & Management Studies at the University of Connecticut.

Stefanie Malinoski - Program Coordinator

Enrollment and Operations

Phone: 860.486.1045
Email: Stefanie.Malinoski@uconn.edu

Stefanie Malinoski

Stefanie Malinoski is the Program Coordinator for the Office of Early College Programs where she is responsible for coordinating student registration and ECE professional development workshops. Stefanie also manages the instructor certification process. Stefanie attended the University of Connecticut where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Communications and a Master's degree from the University's Neag School of Education specializing in Higher Education and Student Affairs.

Magdalena Narozniak - Program Assistant

Research and Development

Phone: 860.486.1045
Email: Magda.Narozniak@uconn.edu

Magda Narozniak

Magdalena Narozniak is the Program Assistant for Research and Development and assists in the planning, development, and evaluation of program objectives and activities. Besides conducting studies and preparing analytical reports, Magda serves as a resource for staff and others regarding program information and research on concurrent enrollment partnerships. In addition to research, she is a primary contact person for developing programs at the high school level. Magda earned her Bachelor's Degree from Fordham University in Political Science and International/Intercultural Studies and her Master's Degree from Jacobs University (Bremen, Germany) in International Relations, with a focus on qualitative and quantitative statistical analysis.

Jessica Parker Ė Program Assistant

Registration Specialist

Phone: 860.486.4650
Email: Jessica.Parker@uconn.edu

Jessica Parker

Jessica Parker is the Program Assistant of the Office of Early College Programs (OECP) and the Registration Specialist of UConn Early College Experience (ECE). Jessica is responsible for managing the student registration process, and providing program and administrative support to ECE students and faculty. Jessica attended the University of Connecticut where she earned a Bachelorís degree in Sociology and Human Development and Family Studies.

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